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Orlando Towing & Recovery

towing company in Orlando FL

On several occasions, you might have witnessed a driver who has experienced a breakdown. If you are faced with the same situation, and you are in Orlando, FL, you only need to call Orlando Towing & Recovery.  Our professionals will come and help you. Our services are available throughout the day, 365 days a year. We are the benchmark of towing and recovery services in the region.

Our stay in the towing service and recovery business for a long time has enabled us to gather the experience required to offer different towing services. Our services range from 24/7 Towing, Roadside Assistance, Specialized Towing, Car Transport, and Emergency Towing to buying junk cars. Our roadside assistance services consist of fuel delivery, jump-starts, tire exchange, and lock-out services.

Our services are always tailored to cater to the need of our ever-dynamic client base.  To minimize possible incidences of illegal towing practices, we conduct serious background checks on our employees. Our customer service is exemplary; and responds immediately to your emails and calls. Any complaints you raise are handled appropriately. Employee retention has contributed significantly to on-job training in the company

Our customer service is exemplary; we operate day and night, respond immediately to your emails and calls, and ensure that any complaints you raise are handled appropriately. Our services range from 24 hour Emergency Towing, Roadside Assistance, Specialized Towing, Car Transport, and Emergency Towing to buying junk cars. All our services are always tailored to cater to the need of our ever-dynamic client base.

Orlando Towing & Recovery

Towing Services In Orlando, FL

You can get our quality services by calling or visiting one of our satellite offices. When you are on the road and it happens that you see one of our patrol tow trucks, wave at them. They will connect you to our customer service center, and we shall serve you appropriately. For corporate clients, we can enter into contracts and dedicate a unique team for you all the time. All modes of payments are accepted; whether you want to pay over the counter or wire transfers is OK with us.

You shall pay on a phase-to-phase basis for any service where we shall be engaged with you for more than 24 hours. For example, clients who need car transport services must only pay a commitment fee and the rest when their vehicle gets to the agreed destination. We do not discriminate against clients; whether you are a regular, new, individual, or corporate client, you shall be treated on a first-come, first-served basis.


You shall pay on a phase-to-phase basis for any service where we shall be engaged with you for more than 24 hours. For example, clients who need car transport services must only pay a commitment fee and the rest when their vehicle gets to the agreed destination. We do not discriminate against clients; whether you are a regular, new, individual, or corporate client, you shall be treated on a first-come, first-served basis.

Our Towing Service Locations in Orlando, FL

Our service area is spread in all major cities and towns within Orlando, FL. We have standardized our services in all workstations by adhering to common standard operating procedures.

Our principle of plowing back profits and strong trading partners have enabled us to acquire the necessary equipment and machinery at any given location.


With special arrangements, we also offer interstate services. If you are a resident of the above places, worry no more, Orlando Towing & Recovery is just a phone call away.


Our towing services cover the following areas;





Lake Buena Vista

Pine Hills





Winter Garden

Winter Park

Downtown Orlando

Oak Ridge

Orlando International Airport (Florida).

Orlando Towing & Recovery Services

We have a wide range of services. We encourage our clients to give a general explanation of their challenge rather than being specific unless they are entirely sure; this helps us to send the right team to attend them.

24/7 Towing Services

towing service in Orlando FloridaRegular or 24/7 is the most pronounced of our towing services. It's the backbone of our company. We offer light-duty towing, medium-duty, and heavy-duty towing services. Light-duty towing is a delicate service that we provide to customers with economy and small cars, mainly under Class A. Medium-duty towing is for most of the vehicles in Orlando; it takes care of Class B vehicles. On the other hand, heavy-duty is for Class C vehicles such as trailers, industrial machinery, and spare parts. When towing any vehicle, we take the required measures to ensure that your vehicle is safely loaded and securely transported.

Roadside Assistance Services

towing in Orlando FLHave you ever been stuck on the road and do not know what to do? Then your solution is with us. At Orlando Towing & Recovery;

  1. We can exchange and repair your tire,
  2. Deliver fuel if you run out of gas at any given location within Florida,
  3. Start up your battery in case it fails to start due to bad weather or itself wearing out,
  4. Pull your car out of ditches or when it’s stuck in mud and
  5. Unlock your car's door lock systems if you have forgotten your keys inside your car or a failed automatic locking system.

You need these services even when you are involved in accidents. Our team is trained in recovering vehicles from crime scenes where local enforcement authorities are interested.

Car Transport Services

Despite the public's opinion that driving is a fun exercise, it can also be tedious. At times, you may want to go on a holiday with several cars, or you are a car dealer who wants a car to get to her client at a specific time. Such situations would require you to use our car transport service. After a lengthy evaluation of car transport, we have realized that it must be done by the most qualified, experienced, and time-keeping drivers. Our clients have special access to our GPRS system and can monitor their vehicle's location from the comfort of their homes.

Emergency Towing Services

towing service in OrlandoWhen you get involved in life-threatening situations that can lead to extensive damage of your vehicle, you should call Orlando Towing & Recovery, and we shall show up immediately. These include accidents, natural disasters such as forest fires on holiday camps, or faulty electricity lines. We have agreed with the local food mobile medical and fire response teams to ensure that if you call us, we shall focus on your vehicle, property, and life. To improve our response speed, we have special trucks set aside for this function, and they are not involved in any other service delivery.

We Buy Car Junks Service

towing in Orlando FLFlorida has joined other states in adopting policies encouraging recycling and reducing carbon emissions. We buy junk cars from our clients to contribute to better waste management and reciprocate. The process is straightforward. You only need to send copies of your junk to our customer care team or visit our nearest offices, and our team will evaluate the best probable cost and give you a quotation. If you accept the offer, we shall tow it away for free. Our payment is made before you sign the ownership-change documents. If you want to clear your compound, garage, or pathway, contact us, and we will surprise you with how much money you have been keeping at your place.

Specialized Towing Services

Orlando Towing & RecoverySome vehicles are more fragile than others and should be handled more carefully. We have a unique team of technicians who can customize any tow truck to meet your needs. Specialized towing is typical for vehicles such as ambulances, racing cars, delicate office equipment, and exotic vehicles, which, when transported using the regular tow trucks, would lead to the loss of specific in-built technology. Towing under harsh weather conditions is also tricky. We use unique truck covers to shelter your vehicle from rainy and sunny weather. If you feel that your regular towing company will not safely and securely transport your car, call Orlando Towing & Recovery.

Why You Should Choose Our Towing Services

Orlando Towing & Recovery is the umbrella under which towing services are sheltered in our service areas. Our services have particular characteristics that you will not get from our competitors. Foremost, we have a comprehensive service charter. Normal and unstable towing companies only specialize in one service, but that's not the case with us. Our services include -roadside assistance, towing, and buying junk cars. We give them equal attention. Suppose technical challenges hinder quick service delivery to you at a given service area. In that case, our technicians will call for assistance from their close satellite office, and we shall sort you out immediately.

Fair & Competitive Pricing

Like any other service, before you get a towing service, you should ensure that the money you will pay matches the quality of service you will get. Our pricing matrix is elementary for our customers to understand. We consider simple factors such as the vehicle's weight, the nature of your problem, and the period it will take to accomplish the task. Distance and time of the day are not considered when calculating our costs because you are likely to be very close to our services, and we are a 24/7 service provision company. None of the prices are fixed. You will have the opportunity to bargain and get the best price possible. We shall always give you an honest opinion on the service you should select depending on your budget.

Advanced Tow Truck & Towing Equipment

In any industry, the speed of efficient service delivery is highly dependent not only on the qualifications of the employees but also on the type of machines they are using. At Orlando Towing & Recovery, we have invested a lot in different fleets of tow trucks. Every service is matched with an allocated tow truck. Fuel tanks, flatbed trucks, pull-out equipment, and customizable trucks are but part of the tow trucks we have. Regardless of the weight and location of your vehicle, we shall be able to get to you and offer you the service you need. The proper use of our tow trucks is boosted by a transparent, cheap, and ever-available communication system. To ensure that we can reach drivers who are in remote areas, we use VHIF Radios and GPRS mapping to determine the tow truck which is nearest to you. For regular corporate clients, we shall provide them with some of our radios and dedicated customer care agents so that you can call at any given time at a meager fee.

Licensed & Adherence to Local Laws

Orlando Towing & Recovery is fully registered. Our drivers and technicians are fully licensed and undergo statutory training such as Basic Occupational Health and Safety training, First Aid training, and Fire and Fire Safety training. We undertake regular statutory and internal checks and inspections of our machines to ensure they are always in good condition. Regarding the purchase and disposal laws, our tow trucks are bought and sold on a mileage basis. We are fully insured against any eventualities which may lead to loss or damage to your vehicle. We understand that different services require a different set of skills of our human resources, and we deploy them by considering these factors.

Fast & Reliable Services

Can you imagine calling a towing company at night and the customer care is unavailable or that their night tow trucks are fewer than the day ones and are committed? It can be a hell of a night on the road. Our services are available anytime, day and night throughout the year. At Orlando Towing & Recovery, we have employed adequate staff who ensure that workflow is uniform every 24 hours. Unless under particular situations, we discourage our drivers from working overtime so they can always be alert. Drivers are rotated after specific periods defined by the logistics and personnel management teams. By doing so, we expose them to different experiences, improving their productivity. To improve reliability, we have agreed with the local government to permit us to have some tow trucks located along major highways in each service area.

We are a towing & recovery company founded and operating on three basic principles: transparency, integrity, and value-for-money service provision. Our working culture is one the most interesting; we fully take care of employees' social and economic needs, and that's why we have a retention rate of more than 95%. The accumulated experience has always translated to quality service delivery to all our clients. Client compliments and criticism are highly welcomed in our service provision. Any complaints against our representatives or us are thoroughly investigated, and we try to solve the problem amicably. We have never treated the urge to gain more profits as a driving force; our staff is ever passionate about service delivery. Contact us if you are looking for the most efficient, fastest, pocket-friendly towing and recovery services.

towing company in Orlando

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