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Orlando Towing & Recovery - Downtown

24/7 Towing Service for Downtown Orlando, FL

Orlando towing recovery

orlando towingAs the new location for Orlando Towing and Recovery, our downtown shop looks to provide our great clients with the service standards that they have come to love, right in the heart of Orlando. From towing services to roadside assistance services, our team is ready and willing to assist you with all of your towing industry needs. We are an independent local business and serve our clients like they are our neighbors… because they are! Enjoy a small town company feel while enjoying the reach and coverage that a large company can bring to the area. Below you will find some additional information about our services and our team.

Our Team

towing orlandoAs a local company, we have emphasized hiring and providing job security to our local drivers, dispatchers and office administration staff. We know and love these people, and the services that they are offering are nothing short of spectacular. We are proud to work on developing leaders in our community, and we have emphasized our people to get work and grow the downtown Orlando area. For our clients, we provide our services on a 24/7 basis and attempt to make our services easy and accessible. We offer flexible payment methods and can accept both cash and all major credit cards, including Visa and MasterCard.

Our Fleet

Orlando Towing & Recovery

As one of the largest fleets in the Greater Orlando Area, the team at Orlando Towing and Recovery Downtown is proud to supply our clients with access to the tow trucks that you need. We have a fleet full of light duty tow trucks that are designed to take consumer and typical cars, trucks and SUVs. Our medium duty tow trucks are meant to handle larger work trucks, cube vans and some smaller cube trucks. While our heavy duty tow trucks are for the big guys, including charter buses and 18-wheelers, if it drives on the road here in Florida, then the team at Orlando Towing and Recovery Downtown can tow it!

Our Towing Services here in Downtown Orlando, FL

Heavy Duty Towing Services

tow truck orlandoAs one of the only shops that handle heavy duty towing, the team at Orlando Towing and Recovery Downtown delivers top-notch service to each of our clients. No matter if you are a local big rig that needs to get back to the yard, or an independent operator who will need to find a local heavy duty mechanic, our team can handle it. Call us today, and find out why so many companies in and around downtown Orlando have trusted our tow trucks with all of their heavy duty needs.

Medium Duty Towing Services

Our medium duty tow trucks are some of the busiest of our fleet, and due to our location downtown, we are always working with contractors! We know that you are only going to be paid if you are on the job site, and we will work to ensure that you are back on the road asap. We provide our medium duty towing services across the downtown core and are only a call away!

Light Duty Towing Services

The bread and butter of our operations, light duty towing is one of our exemplary services. We have been working in the Orlando area for years and provide our clients with the flexibility and coverage to ensure they can get a tow truck with ease. Whether you need a tow on your SUV or looking to haul your sports car down the panhandle, the team at Orlando Towing and Recovery Downtown is here for you!

Our Roadside Assistant Services here in Downtown Orlando, FL

Orlando Towing Tire Change 2

Tire Change Services

Whether you are tackling a puncture in a tire or dealing with a blown tire, the team at Orlando Towing and Recovery Downtown is one of the top options in and around Orlando, FL. We can safely, and quickly replace your tire, and provide you with quality tire change services. We might not break any NASCAR pit records, but we will certainly get you back and on your way in no time.

Accident Recovery Services

As a trusted partner with the Orlando Police Department, we have been providing accident recovery services for years. No matter if we are assisting with a fender bender or a significant accident, let our team take the reigns, and you can focus on what is essential, and that is your health.

Jumpstart Services

A dead battery is never something that you want to deal with. Instead of trying to find a neighbor or a stranger to jump start you, why not call the team at Orlando Towing and Recovery Downtown. We have equipped all of our tow trucks with powerful battery boosters and can get you back up and running in a matter of minutes.

Orlando Towing Jump Start
Orlando Roadside Assistance 2

Gas Delivery Service

If you are starting to run out of gas, then it might be time to chat to Orlando Towing and Recovery Downtown. We have been working in the area for years and have provided gas delivery services for thousands. Our gas delivery service is not about ripping you off, and our small premium pays for itself as you don’t have to haul your butt to the gas station a few miles down the road and back!

Lockout Services

If you are facing a lockout situation, do not grab the clothes hanger. Let the experts at Orlando Towing and Recovery Downtown help you out, and you can avoid any issues with scratches or dents. We use an innovative bladder system to gain access to your car in mere minutes without a single scratch or dent. Plus, you can get in before the groceries even get warm!

If you are looking for towing services or roadside assistance services in Orlando, FL, it is time to chat with the Orlando Towing and Recovery Downtown team. With services around and within the downtown core of Orlando, we are the premier towing and recovery company in the area. See why so many have trusted Orlando Towing and Recovery Downtown with all of their towing needs, and let’s work together!

Orlando Towing & Recovery - Downtown

111 North Orange Avenue

Suite 800

Orlando, FL 32801


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