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About Our Team

Every day across the city of Orlando there are hundreds of thousands of vehicles on the road at any given time, this of course, can lead to the requirement of towing service in roadside assistance at any moment anywhere in the city. Having efficient and responsive towing services available to you is important and for the last many years Orlando Towing & Recovery has been that source of dependability. Whether you're looking to have a vehicle transported from one location to another or need assistance with a jump start or tire change, making the choice to reach out to our professionals will provide you with immediate response and the capability to quickly deal with any issues that may arise during your commute.

With the right experts stationed around the city at all points in time, you have the access required to skilled and capable tow truck operators when you find yourself in need. We have been the source of response to scenes of accident recovery, vehicle lockouts and much more, giving you the widest range of service response possible while also remaining accessible and affordable to every driver on the road. We are dedicated to ensuring that every vehicle on the road of the city has the ability to travel safely and to have the professional response required when necessary. If you need a dependable tow truck service at any time in the day or night, you need to make the call to Orlando Towing & Recovery.