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Flatbed Towing Service In Orlando

Orlando Towing & Recovery

As one of the top towing options in and around the city of Orlando, FL, the team at Orlando Towing and Recovery is your go-to tow truck company. No matter if you are looking for a motorcycle to be towed, or something else, our flatbed towing is the solution for your towing problems. Here are just a few of the services that we provide for our flatbed towing services.

Equipment Hauling

No matter if you are looking to move a front end loader, or something else, the team at Orlando Towing and Recovery has been handling equipment hauling across the city of Orlando. With our quick response time, and ability to haul practically any piece of small or medium equipment. Our flatbed trucks have been used to support construction, roadwork and agriculture. See how we can help today and give us a call to discuss the options!

Vehicle hauling

As a flatbed towing company, we can easily handle hauling vehicles across the city. This includes exotic cars, motorcycles, junk cars and even your current car. We make hauling easy, and with flatbed towing your vehicle will not have the stresses on the axels that traditional T-bar pulling puts on it. Whether we are hauling a Ducati or a Ferrari, or anything in between, the team at Orlando Towing and Recovery delivers a vehicle hauling service that you can trust. Call us today and see how can handle all of your flatbed towing needs for any vehicle you might have to move.

Cargo hauling

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Our flatbed trucks can also be used for cargo work. We can load pallets, loose cargo, or anything else that you can secure on a flatbed truck and get it to you with ease. We have supported construction sites, worked with the film industry and even hauled pallets of beer to a bar a couple of times. If you are in a bind, and a flatbed might be the perfect solution, then Orlando Towing and Recovery might be able to help!

Specialty Hauling

orlando towingIf you are looking for flatbed truck towing services to help with your needs, we might be able to help. Although we usually do not make specialty contracts, depending on the availability of our fleet, we may be able to assist you with your needs. Whether it is using our truck as a prop, or if you need to haul things around the city, the state, or the country, the team at Orlando Towing and Recovery has been known to provide one of our trucks. Call our team today and see if an Orlando Towing and Recovery flatbed truck is the right solution. Our dispatchers can chat about what is in the realm of the possibility, and we look forward to being your trusted flatbed partner moving forward.

If you are interested in working with the great people at Orlando Towing and Recovery, then it is about time that we chatted about your flatbed towing needs. Call us today and see how we can be your local solution when you need flatbed towing services in Orlando!

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