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Alafaya Towing Service

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24/7 Tow Trucks Available

A quality towing company can make all of the difference when you are dealing with a broken-down vehicle. No one likes to deal with a towing a car, but for the great people of Alafaya, FL they are in luck, as the team at Alafaya Towing Service is known as one of the best tow truck options in the state, and they call Alafaya home! We have been providing towing services and roadside assistance options for more than a decade, and no matter if you are a big rig on the way to Orlando or need a jump start, the team at Alafaya Towing Service has you covered. Plus, with our ability to accept all major credit cards and cash for any of our services, we make paying for a tow that much easier!

Our Team

The team at Alafaya Towing Service is one of our pride and joys. Since our inception, the owners of Alafaya Towing Service have ensured that our drivers are handpicked for their professionalism with customers and ability to assist our clients with their vehicle needs. Because of this, the team at Alafaya Towing Service has quickly become known as some of the best tow truck drivers in the industry, and it is about time that you found out yourself.

Our Fleet

Our fleet is our pride here at Alafaya Towing Service, and due to the diverse set of vehicles we have on our lot, we can handle practically any towing need. We currently have a fleet of heavy duty tow trucks, medium duty tow trucks and light duty tow trucks that will be able to tow anything from a big rig to a Prius and everything in between. Day or night, give our team a call and enjoy 24/7 towing services in and around Alafaya, FL.

Our Towing Services

Heavy duty towing

Heavy duty towing requires two things, a skilled driver and a tow truck that can handle the load. Here at Alafaya Towing Service we have both and can work with big rigs, larger buses and cube trucks without an issue. All of our drivers have been on the road for years and will be able to tow your vehicle without so much of a scratch on the finish.

Medium duty towing

Medium duty towing is all about getting the client back on the job site or the road as quickly as possible, and that is Alafaya Towing Service excels at this service. We have a Rolodex full of approved mechanics in the Alafaya, FL area that will be able to take a look at the car immediately and get you back on the road in no time. Trust the experts at quality towing in Alafaya, and make sure to call Alafaya Towing Service the next time your cube truck or van needs a lift to the mechanic.

Light duty towing

Our bread and butter have always been light duty towing, and in fact, it was the service that we first started with all of those years ago. Light duty towing is your typical consumer car, truck or SUV that needs a tow. Our team has years of experience on our rigs and will ensure that your vehicle gets to the dealership or mechanic without additional damage or wear or tear. Call us today, and enjoy a towing service with a quick response time for once!

Our Roadside Assistance Services

Tire change service

Orlando Towing Tire ChangeNo one likes to deal with a tire change on the side of the road, especially here in Florida during the summer. So, the next time you blow a tire or discover a deflated tire, call the experts at Alafaya Towing Service and skip the tough work. Our team will dispatch a tow truck in a matter of minutes and upon arriving on the scene will have your tire swapped and you on your way in no time.

Jumpstart service

Orlando Towing Jump StartA dead battery is never something delightful to discover, but at least the team at Alafaya Towing Service can get you on your way in a couple of minutes if you go us a call. We specialise in providing boosts to our clients with a powerful battery booster pack that is on all of our trucks. Skip the awkwardness of asking a stranger for a boost, and call the true professionals the next time you need a jump at Alafaya Towing Service.

Gas delivery service

An empty tank on a rural Florida parkway, it is not the best way to start your vacation. However, the team at Alafaya Towing Service is here to help! Our gas delivery service is known as one of the most economical options in the area, and whether we are filling up your tank or merely getting you to the next service station, our tow trucks are here for you.

24/7 emergency service

The team at Alafaya Towing Service is proud to offer all of our towing services and roadside assistance services on a 24/7 basis in and around Alafaya, FL. This means, no matter if it is day or night, if you and your vehicle need assistance, you can count on Alafaya Towing Service to be there for you.

Accident recovery

Dealing with an accident is something that no one wishes upon you, but if you are facing a wreck or a vehicle that has spun off the road, you need to call the team at Alafaya Towing Service. We have been providing accident recovery services for years, and are the trusted the team by Alafaya, FL first responders. Whether it is a fender bender or a recovery, the team at Alafaya Towing Service will focus on the car so you can focus on getting healed up!

Lockout service

Locking your car keys in your car is one of those things you only do once, but if you happen to be facing this issue in or around Alafaya, give our team a call. With our entry method, we will be able to get you back in your car in no time, and all without damaging the frame or the paint!

Call our team today, and see how Alafaya Towing Service can help deliver a quality towing service or roadside assistance service to you and your vehicle. With more than a decade in the business, our trusted drivers and our large fleet are at your call. Trust the experts, and experience the difference quality towing can make with Alafaya Towing Service.

Alafaya Towing Service

Alafaya, FL

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