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When To Call A Towing Service

Orlando 24 hour emergency towingIf there is one thing that every driver wants to avoid is dealing with car trouble when on the road. When you consider just how many things can go bad in a car, it can be overwhelming to adopt the best strategy to protect yourself. One way you can protect yourself from unwanted inconveniences on the road is to have a reliable towing service provider on your phone book.


More often than not, you will need to call for help when you experience trouble on the road in your car. Here are the most common instances which will warrant you to call for towing service.


When you run out of gas

Though everyone tries to avoid it, running out of gas is real and happens many times. It can happen when you don’t plan quite right, when you fail to notice dashboard light, on when the light is broken altogether. Regardless of whichever situation, when you run out of gas, your best bet is to pull over on the safe side of the road and call a towing service to deliver gas to you, in case you are in a far place away from the next gas station.


In case of an accident

If you have been involved in a serious collision, you need to call 911 and tow truck. Even when the other driver and their car seems not much-damaged, you should never assume matters. Your vehicle may seem to operate but may have suffered damages on brakes and other systems, which would not necessarily be noticed while driving it slowly. Minor damages even warrant calling a tow truck to give you a better idea of the extend of the damage.


Flat Tire

A flat tire can occur as a result of poor tire maintenance, such as persistently ignoring low tire pressure warnings and having worn out threads. Many people would often change a tire without issues especially if they have a spare by their side. If you don’t have a spare, or you have a spare but suffer a flat tire in the middle of a busy highway, the best you can do is to call a tow truck to get you back on the road.

Overheating and other breakdowns

A car will overheat as a result of malfunctioning systems, mostly the fluid systems, including coolant and radiator. When the engine overheats, it could lead to a car shutting down and coming to a complete stop. If this occurs while you are on the road, the best bet is to call a towing service to deliver your car to an auto shop for inspection and repair.


Car won’t start

A car will fail to start mostly as a result of a dead battery. It can be irritating finding yourself stuck because of a dead battery and in a situation where you can’t find jump start services.  In such a case, call a tow truck to offer you towing services or seek help from roadside assistance jump start services.

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