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How technology is changing the towing industry

towing recovery apopka flTechnology is quickly taking over the towing industry. With the fast advancements in cars and technology, towing has become more modernized. Emerging technologies have made it possible for industry players to have a better interaction with their clients and offer them services more efficiently.

In the past, the towing and roadside industry used to suffer from considerable setbacks mostly due to the nature of the available working equipment. Stakeholders in the towing industry wanted to have tools and technologies that make their work more efficient. Because towing and roadside services are becoming a very important aspect in every society, several changes are fast happening.


Advances in Internet Technology

The advances in internet technology and smartphone devices have made an interactive relationship between clients and towing providers to be seamless. Clients can now download towing and roadside service provider apps on iOS and Google Play platforms. These apps are fully developed to track one’s location and this means towing providers can quickly and accurately locate a distress call. These apps have GPS technology and route creation to locate clients easily.


GPS Dispatch System

Towing providers are now able to use the latest in GPS technology to monitor and expand their business in effortless ways to save time and money. Scheduling is now easy with the use of a live map that allows customers to select their location in advance without knowing the exact address. Automatic route cancellation integrates with Google Maps to provide the most accurate and shortest distances to rescue a stranded motorist. The same technology is used for instant quote generation.


Seamless Job Integration

With the use of computerized algorithms, they intelligently assign jobs to the nearest tow driver based on GPS coordinates and other crucial information. There is also step by step navigational instruction powered by real-time directions. Towing apps now save the last know addresses of previously visited locations so that popular hotspots can be retrieved without delay.


Tow Management Software

Today’s tow and recovery management systems are updated with the latest technologies to facilitate the seamless booking. Live booking forms works with Google Maps and Google Places to give customers the chance to select their pickup locations and pay with the use of their mobile. These software have accurate estimates, automatic guidance, short message service, live audit, driver management, zone control, and vital statistics.

Web Presence

Towing and roadside services are now provided easily over the web, thanks to advances in Internet and mobile technologies. Towing providers get a customized mobile app and webpage for customers to easily find their businesses, make bookings, and communicate. With the use of these apps, towing providers can provide the first-class service to their customers regardless of the place they are needing help from.


Workforce Management

It is now easier than ever for towing service providers to manage their workforce seamlessly. There is employee life-cycle management, labor forecasting, recruitment management, time and attendance management, employee scheduling, skills tracking, and performance metrics. Communication across each member of a team is improved for better customer satisfaction.

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