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How to automate your towing business operations

tow truck KissimmeeBusiness automation deals with transforming the way a business operates to allow it to do more with less and scale in the fastest way possible. Business size doesn’t matter so much and automation can give advantage to small towing businesses to compete favorably and in equal terms with large established ones. The only biggest problem we have today when it comes to automation is that most of the automation tools on the market are geared toward medium and large businesses.

This article looks at some of the best ways you can use to automate your towing business without spending a fortune.



Zapier is a simple automation platform that every towing business can use if it wants to save on time and money while boosting productivity. The application allows you to create automated actions between essential applications. You can use Zapier to automatically save attachments in Gmail to Google Drive. You can use the app to all your blogs and connect to other applications such as Google Sheets, Slack, Mailchimp, Trello, Facebook Leads Ads, asana, just to name a few.



IFTTT is similar to Zapier and the two have the relatively same concept. For your towing business, you will use IFTTT to create basic automation between different apps and save you time from bouncing from one platform to another. IFTTT offers a significantly better free version than Zapier. It also runs seamlessly. Should you want to create blogs for your towing business, schedule social media posts to automatically publish or run ads for your business, then use IFTTT.


Active Campaign

Active Campaign is much more than just a marketing automation platform. It combines advanced email marketing features and standard CRM to make an awesome piece of application. If you are looking for the right CRM solution for your business, to collect, nurture and convert your leads, consider Active Campaign.



As a small towing business, you will need to automate your sales process so that you can handle higher volume leads and turn them into sales without the need to build an entire sales team. Leadformly is designed to increase your form conversion rate and also helps you segment your leads directly on your web pages. It makes use of conditional logic to ask users questions based on the information they type in and the data they send.


Google Ads

Recently branded to AdWords, Google Ads doesn’t seem much like an automation platform, but currently, the platform is making a lot of changes that are designed to make it a very powerful platform for small business automation. Right now, you can automate your PPC strategy as well as a list of other automation features. You can use Bid Rules to set the number of bidding conditions, use Google Ads Scrips to automate actions such as generating reports into spreadsheets, adjusting bids, and refining your keywords. Automation, artificial intelligence, and machine learning are going to transform the way small businesses use platforms such as Google Ads. We shall keep you updated once these changes take full effect.

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