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Common Types of Towing Trucks

Vehicles will always break down when you least expect them to. This breakdown may happen in parking lots, in the garage, by the road, just anywhere. When a car breaks down, it needs to be towed. There are different types of vehicles used for towing services. They include the following;

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Flatbed Trucks

Flatbed trucks are one the most common and widely used towing trucks out there. They comprise of a long empty bed that has a flat top. What makes these trucks easy to use is because they can simply drive a vehicle up the ramp, or even have it pulled up. They can be very good in transporting a vehicle that has been involved in accidents.

Hook and Chain Trucks

Hook and chain tow trucks can be very important in towing all kinds of cargo. These types of trucks were widely used in the past. However, because of the high amount of pressure applied on the towed vehicle, this method of towing is not so common.

Wheel Lift Tow Truck The wheel and lift tow truck has a mechanism that is similar to the hook and chain tow truck. They make use of a metal yoke instead of using chains and this means they cause less damage to the towed vehicle.

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