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Why Pay For Roadside Assistance Coverage?

Orlando Roadside Assistance 2If you pay for car insurance, it’s strongly recommended that you add on roadside help coverage.

This coverage is useful when you find yourself in a road incident, like a flat tire or running out of gas.

Roadside assistance companies have phone operators ready 24 hours a day. So no matter what time it is, if you end up stranded on the road they can send you help.

Although there are many problems you can encounter, here are some situations that roadside assistance can help you with.

Each roadside assistance company has their own policies, rules and specific services. However, these are the most common problems that they resolve every day.


If your car battery dies and you can’t start your car, roadside assistance will jumpstart it. A mechanic will be sent to your location, and they will inspect the battery. After detecting the problem, the mechanic will jumpstart the battery or recommend a new one if the jumpstart fails.


You never know when you might get a flat tire. You should always have the tools and a spare tire just in case. Still, if you happen to forget, roadside assistance will cover you.

A professional will help you by changing your flat tire for a spare one that fits your car perfectly.

TOWINGOrlando 24 hour emergency towing 2

In the event of significant damage done to the vehicle, roadside assistance provides towing service. Your vehicle will be carried by a tow truck either to a workshop to get fixed or a junkyard depending on the damage done to the car. Always consult if towing will cost you extra.


If you run out of gas, road assistance will deliver a limited amount of fuel to your location. You will be provided with enough fuel to get to the nearest gas station.


Forgetting your keys inside your vehicle can be a huge hassle. However, if you have road assistance coverage then you’re only one call away from getting back in your car as quickly as possible

A professional staff member from your roadside assistance team will be sent to your location  and unlock your car with no problem.


If you find yourself stuck in a ditch, roadside assistance can send a professional and truck to get your vehicle back on the road. This service can cost extra depending on how much staff and equipment your situation requires.

Roadside assistance can serve you in almost every uncomfortable situation you can encounter when driving a vehicle. It may not be something you think about often, but it can save you from a headache more than once if you happen to have an accident.

Keep in mind the age of your car, the frequency with which you travel long distances and if the price is convenient before adding a road assistance coverage to your insurance plan.

There is a good chance you have access to free roadside assistance. Be safe and check with your insurance plan.

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