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What to expect when you call for accident recovery

Orlando Accident Recovery

The worst-case scenario for our company is answering a call for accident recovery. As one of the leaders in the region in providing this service, it happens quite a bit, but it also means that we will be dealing with a significant accident or recovery situation that could mean injuries or even worse. Although we hate it, we know that emergency workers and those involved need our help, and it is part of the reason that our drivers have been trained to be some of the best in the state in accident recovery. This is our fourth in a series of what to expect articles, and this one will deal with one of the essential services that we offer- accident recovery.

What is accident recovery?

Accident recovery or only recovery is the act of a tow truck or towing service responding and actioning a call for an accident. It can be merely dealing with a fender bender that makes a vehicle undrivable, but it also can be something more serious where the vehicle is a write-off. As well, it can be dealing with cars which leave the road surface and need to be recovered from gorges, ravines, forests and even bodies of water. It is not a simple process, but our trucks and drivers are equipped to handle practically any wreck, no matter the size of the vehicle. 

The process:

As you can probably guess, the actual process of every accident recovery is a little different, but in general, here is what you can expect when we are dispatched out to an accident recovery scene.

  1. The Call: No matter if we are dispatched by local law enforcement or by a client, our dispatchers will need some information to help dispatch the right truck. First of all, we will need to know your location, the type of vehicle we are looking to work on, and the precise nature of the accident, are we looking at a tow option, or will it be a recovery and a flatbed truck? Secondly, we will need to know any other pertinent details. Once we have this data, our dispatcher will be able to dispatch an appropriate truck to the scene and will provide you with an estimated time of arrival. If you are calling us, make sure to stand well off of the road, and listen to first responders instructions.
  2. The process: Once one of our trucks arrives on scene, the driver will survey the damage, and chat with the first responders to not disrupt the scene if they need to process it. Next, we will talk with the vehicle owner is possible, and provide them with some options for the vehicle. This means a body repair shop, a mechanic or in some circumstances, the insurance company or event the wrecker. Finally, our driver and truck will start the recovery process and once completed will look to fill out the paperwork that is needed.

Accident recovery is not an easy job, but if you or your vehicle require help, make sure to call our team today.

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