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What to expect when you call for a tire change service

Tire change services are some of the most stringent services to deal with by yourself, and it is why we have started a series on what to expect when you call our team for a tire change service. This is the second of our what to expect articles, and no matter if you are dealing with a nail or a full blow out, here is what to expect when you call for a tire change service.

What is a tire change service

Orlando Towing Tire Change 2

Although it might seem a little straightforward, a tire change service is one of the more complicated functions that we offer for our roadside assistance services. Not only is it tough to do by yourself, without a proper jack and tools, most of our clients would be more than lost on even how to complete the job. A tire change service can be one of two things. First, it can be a simple switch out from the damaged tire to the doughnut tire in your trunk. Secondly, if available, we would be able to switch your damaged tire for a replacement tire so you can get on the road as soon as possible.

The Process

As you can guess, each service call is a little different when it comes to roadside assistance services, but here is the general process for our tire change services. It all starts with your phone call to our team:

  1. The Call: When you first realise you are dealing with a flat, you need to get to the side of the road and move over as far as possible from active traffic. Next, you will need to call our team. Our dispatchers will work with you to find out about your current location, your needs and of course any other information that will help. Our dispatcher will then dispatch a tow truck and provide you with an estimated time of arrival.
  2. The Service: Once our team arrives on-site, we will ensure that the scene is safe and that you and your vehicle are going to be away from traffic. Our driver will start the work and will ask that you follow his instructions during the tire change. Once completed, we will let you know what is the safest way home, and if needed, provide you with a local tire shop that will be able to get you back and on the road in no time.

As one of the true leaders in roadside assistance services, our team has worked long and hard to ensure that you and your vehicle will always be our priority. Our tire change services are not only seamless but will ensure that you can get up and running in a matter of minutes. If you are dealing with a full blowout or a simple flat due to a nail, our team is here to serve. Give us a call today, and find out why our team has been the premier tire change service option since our inception.

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