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How To Find Cheap Towing Service Over The Internet

Orlando 24 hour emergency towing 2When cars break down, getting them fixed by the road through a roadside service can be expensive, so it is just getting them towed to the mechanic. What most people don’t know is that some auto insurance companies, auto manufacturers, credit card providers, etc, offer almost free towing and roadside assistance to their customers. You can use the internet to find massive offers, discounts, and coupons to redeem in case you are faced with car trouble.

Here are some little known ways to find cheap roadside and towing service over the internet.


Some new and used cars come with a warranty that typically covers roadside assistance. This coverage varies, but you can use it if you find yourself experiencing car trouble, such as when you run out of gas or when you need a tow. Check out with your automaker on the offer they have. In most cases, they may only tow your car to the nearest dealership.


Credit Card Companies

Some credit card companies such as Bank of America and many others, offer roadside assistance free. There may be a limit to the number towing miles included in their plan, but at the basic level, you will get a free tow. Check online for free roadside assistance by credit card companies and contact them to see their terms of service.


Auto Insurance Providers

If you have comprehensive and collision auto insurance, you can add towing and roadside assistance to your plan. The cost will vary depending on your location and type of car you drive. However, here are a couple of estimates;

Progressive – $3 per month

Geico – $1.83 per month

State Farm – $4.10 per month.

You may look online for any other offers that would suit your purpose.


Wireless Service Providers

Most major wireless providers offer roadside assistance plans to their customers. Distance limits will apply for towing service you get, and other services such as locksmith assistance, gas service, tire change among others. Here are some estimates from leading carriers on what you can expect to pay;

AT&T – $2.99 per month

Verizon Wireless – $3 per month

Sprint – $4 per month

Check out if your service provider has any package you have not yet been aware of.


Auto Clubs


Auto clubs have a standalone service that requires a membership. Here are some rates to get you aware of their packages;

AAA – The American Automobile Association gives its members three tiers to choose from. With the basic membership, you will get roadside as well as short distance towing. The AAA Plus member gets up to 100 miles of towing service as well as lockout assistance. Premier members get up to 200 miles of free towing and 24-hour concierge service. The cost of these plans starts from $50 upwards.

Other notable auto clubs include Better World Club and Good Hands Roadside Assistance. Do some little research to see which auto offers the best deal for you, depending on your needs and preferences. You will also find a lot of discounts from new signups as well as free coupons to redeem once you join these auto clubs.

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