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Easy ways to increase a truck’s towing capacity

Orlando Towing imageEvery vehicle has an assigned towing capacity per specifications of the manufacturer. This number indicates the maximum weight of a vehicle, that the vehicle is capable of safely towing. The towing capacity is determined by the ability of the vehicle’s components to safely and efficiently handle the weight of an increased load.

The towing capacity of a vehicle is determined by a couple of factors. These include; engine horsepower, brakes, axle among others.

To increase the towing capacity of your vehicle, there are a few modifications you can make, which include the following;



A vehicle’s programmer adjusts the settings of a vehicle’s computer to give you more horsepower and torque. This is done by changing the staging of your transmission shifting, air-to-fuel ratio, and other settings. Manufacturers normally program the vehicle to emphasize on better fuel efficiency. When you make these adjustments, you will gain more horsepower but lose some fuel efficiency.



The purpose of the radiator is to keep your transmission and engine from overheating. Installing a bigger radiator will help in keeping these parts cool due to the added stress of heavier weights. You will also want to combine radiator with new lubricants in the engine oil and transmission fluids, to diffuse heat more efficiently. SUVs and trucks that have installed tow packages will mostly have two radiators. One is for transmission and the other is for the engine. When you upgrade both of these to bigger radiators, you will distribute heater faster and facilitate better cooling.



When towing, the weight of a trailer pushes the back end of a vehicle down. The suspension takes the majority of this weight. By upgrading the suspension system, you will distribute weight more evenly over all the axles of the vehicle, instead of just at the back end. Changing the suspension will help you get a smoother ride and better steering control. When driving, the suspension will be able to take the bumps on the road, to give you a smoother ride.



Overloading your axle can be very dangerous. You need to replace them with heavy-duty versions as this will help increase the towing capacity of the vehicle. You also need to change the differential to appropriate heavy duty parts as well. Another option would be to replace the truck parts with RV parts. RV parts are made for heavyweights and would ideally fit most trucks. When doing this, ensure it is done professionally.


Intake and Exhaust

When you give your engine better breathing, it will be able to perform better. You need to enhance your exhaust system in combination with a better air filter to give you the much-needed horsepower and torque. For optimal results, it is recommended you go for dual exhausts.

Other parts you need to look at our brakes, frame, and chassis. Good brakes will be able to absorb and stop heavier loads. The heavier the weight, the longer it will take to come to a complete stop. You need to upgrade brake pads and rotors to handle stress and friction seamlessly.

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