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Car Towing Tips Everyone Should Know

Orlando Towing Service 1Having a car breakdown and needing the services of a tow truck to rescue your car can be a frustrating experience. No one wants to be in a position of needing towing services. However, autos are mechanical and electrical machines and like any machine, they can never be 100 percent efficient. We, therefore, must be prepared in case of any eventuality.

When that inconveniencing time comes, it is important to know what you should do, to get your car back up and running as soon as possible. There is no need to panic to a point of getting overwhelmed. As humans, we tend to get frustrated especially when there is limited information and help by our side. In this guide, we look at some of the basic car towing tips every car owner should know, to be on the safe side should disaster strike.

Secure your personal belongings

In case of a car accident or breakdown, the first thing you should do is to secure your belongings after calling for towing help from a reputable towing company. Doing so ensures that all your valuables are safe so that in case of towing, nothing gets lost or mixed up.

In case of an accident

In case of an accident, complete initial investigations first. If your car is being towed because of an accident, ensure that proper investigative procedures have been completed by authorities and that you have received their clearance signal to leave with your car. Police documentation would be important in providing proof of accident during insurance claims.

Understand roadside assistance services

Your car may break down in the middle of the road and it is not obvious that it must be towed. Due to some occurrences, you might need other roadside assistance services which are not necessarily towing. You might be experiencing a battery failure, a tire puncture or you may run out of fuel. In case of these instances, ensure you identify the exact problem as that way, you will be better placed to know if to call for towing services or roadside assistance.

Know your vehicles’ tow rating

A term commonly used in the towing circles is Unloaded Vehicle Weight, which refers to the maximum weight that an axle will carry. From the owner’s manual, you can check for three ratings including gross vehicle weight, gross vehicle weight rating and gross combination weight rating. Ensure your loaded vehicle doesn’t carry extra weight which exceeded the manufacture’s rating.

Ensure the vehicle and trailer are a good match

Overloading a vehicle means putting extra load on its other parts including brakes. It is important to know the maximum tongue weight- which defines the amount of weight on the vehicle’s trailer hitch. When the trailer is overloaded, it is more likely to sway and the tow vehicles’ rear tires may overload. As a result, stopping, maneuvering and handling may be very challenging, and this may pose danger to you and other road users. Above and other tips can play a key role in ensuring your safety, that of other motorists as well as taking frustrations away from you in case you get stranded.

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