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When to Call a Tow Truck

Every car owner is tasked with the care and maintenance of their vehicle, and in most cases, they require the expertise of a mechanic. For most issues, a car is taken to an auto shop or to a location where a certified mechanic operates. However, there are some circumstances where your mechanic can’t get to your location to attend your car. In such cases, you might be forced to call a towing service provider to help you out, as this would be the best way out.

Tow trucks are built to carry and deliver vehicles that have broken down from their locations to owner’s homes or auto shops for repair. Two mostly used trucks for this task are flatbed tow trucks and hook and chain tow trucks. Flatbeds are most common and fastest, with hook and chain gradually phasing out.

Tow trucks are very vital particularly in instances where you need emergency services. Here are common situations in which calling a tow truck would be your best option.

When you Run out of Gas

Running out of gas is something everyone tries to avoid as much as possible. However, sometimes it happens, and we have to deal with it. You may fail to notice the dashboard light, or the light might be broken. If you are far from the gas station, and in a remote location, it might not be practical to walk to the nearest gas station. The best you can do in this situation would be to call tow truck to deliver you to the next gas station.

In an Accident

If you get involved in a car accident that warrants serious damage to your car, the first contacts you would call would be 911 and a tow truck. Your car may no longer be operable, brakes might not work and you might have some non-functioning systems. Additionally, driving might cause issues such as water leak, oil leak and leaking of other potentially flammable liquids. Even with minor damages, it is advisable to always call a tow truck.

Flat Tire

Not all flat tires would warrant calling a tow truck or roadside assistance service to come to your rescue. This is particularly true if you have DIY skills and have a toolset to fit the tire yourself. However, not all of us have DIY skills. In this case, you will need to call a tow truck to transport your vehicle to a place where someone would be able to attend to it.

Engine Failure

Engine failure is one of the most common types of car breakdowns and is mostly caused by overheating. A car can overheat from many different malfunctions. Should you be driving and the engine overheats, it may result in the car shutting down and coming to a complete stop. If this occurs while you are far away from an auto shop, the best you can do is to pull over and call a tow truck.

Always ensure you have the contacts of a reputable tow truck company on your phonebook as doing so could save you a lot of headache in time of need.

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