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What You Need to Know When Your Car Needs to be Towed

Orlando Towing and Recovery ContactsFor those who have owned vehicles for some time, chances are that you have been involved in a situation that required towing. There are a couple of factors why that happened. First, because your vehicle was illegally parked. It could have been in front of handicapped parking areas, ambulance zones, fire hydrants, among others. Another reason for a towed car could be a disabled vehicle. Police might have found your car not in a very safe driving condition, hence towed. Additionally, you might have called your towing service provider to do it for yourself.


Whichever the case, there are a couple of things you need to know, to have your vehicle towed stress-free. Here is our guide;


Safety is priority

You didn’t your car to break down amid your journey, or whichever place you were at. You might be in the middle of somewhere and in that case, the priority should be safety. Get inside your car and put it in a neutral position. If possible, push it somewhere to the side of the road so that it won’t hurt other motorists. Use signs to alert other road users about the danger.


Be ready with your paperwork

The next step would be to call towing professionals. Before you do that, ensure you have all the paperwork right by your side. These include insurance cards, driver’s license, and everything else. When you don’t have the paperwork ready, chances are that they might not believe the car is yours, and in that case, you might even get more frustrated.


Know whom to call

It is important to have a saved contact pf a reputable towing provider so that when disaster strikes, you are not left stranded. It’s easy, just dial the number and explain your situation. If your vehicle is under warranty, call your automaker or insurance provider who might advise you accordingly on the next viable step


Do not panic

In such times, it is easy to get frustrated and panic. The key to successful towing is patience and remaining calm. Waiting can be frustrating and tiring, and the best you can do at such time is to listen to some calming songs as you wait for your towing provider to come to your rescue.


Get your car towed

When help arrives, let the towing provider know about the entire situation. Do the necessary paperwork that might include identification checks and some other service agreements. Listen to what they have to offer as well as their instructions before finally chaining up your vehicle to their truck. They will guide you about all the steps you need to follow.


General Rules

Both parties involved in towing must have an On Tow sign placed at the back of the vehicle being towed. When the vehicle is attached solely by a rope or chain, the maximum distance allowed is 4.5 meters. If the distance between two vehicles exceeds 1.5 meters, the rope or chain must be visible. The person in the car being towed must be a qualified driver.

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