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What you need in your vehicle- Emergency Kit Needs

While you are driving along the rural highway, you need to ensure that your car is fully stocked. No, we are not talking about snacks and some drinks, but instead your emergency kit. These kits come into play if you are ever stuck on the side of the road, waiting for roadside assistance or merely dealing with adverse weather. Here are the top items to have in your kit!

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Emergency Water and Food

Like an earthquake kit, your car emergency kit needs supplies. Generally, you should carry enough water for 48 hours, so a couple of gallons. While food-wise, make sure to pack some energy bars, nuts and a wide variety of perishable food. You want to ensure that you have tasty treats and water for days!


Whether you want to grab one of the trusty blankets that have been occupying the other couch for a couple of years or buy a new fleece blanket while out and about, a blanket is an essential part of the emergency kit. Not only will a blanket keep the warm in, but a blanket can also help bring comfort in a time of need. Trust the healing properties of a great blanket and put one in your emergency kit!

Flares or Cones

When you are dealing with a breakdown, the last thing you want to face is getting hit on the side of the road. Road flares are a great addition to your emergency kit, and although they might be hard to find these days, they are the best option when trying to slow down and warn cars approaching your breakdown. If road flares are not an option, reflective cones are a great option as they will be able to catch the eye of headlights before they see your car. You will want to layout the flares or cones a couple of yards apart and at least ten yards away from the vehicle to give approaching cars enough warning.

Siphon Kit

This might seem a little silly, but you will be surprised how many times you may need to siphon off fuel in an emergency. This is especially true if you are someone who likes to head to the backcountry or is enjoying some remote highway driving. Siphon kits are cheap and can allow you to easily transfer gas from one tank to another without much hassle.

Battery Cables or a Jumper

Dead batteries are never something you want to deal with, and no matter if you would like to spend a couple of bucks, or a little more, there are some great options that will round out your emergency kit. Jumper cables are great for those who are in the city and can find another car to help you out. The downside is you are not self-reliant, but you will be able to find someone to jump your vehicle. Otherwise, you can also purchase full jumper sets that include a rechargeable battery jumper that can handle a couple of jumps.

Have you got your emergency kit? Make sure to stock and be prepared for the driving season.

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