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What to expect when you call for towing services

Towing services are naturally our bread and butter, and sometimes we forget that our clients could be calling for the first time and they might not even know how a tow truck operates, let alone what to expect on the call to get one to their location. This is why we have started what to expect series on our services, and the fifth installment of this series is towing services. We have been providing our great are with towing services for some time, and we cannot wait to walk you through what to expect when you call one of our tow trucks for a towing service!

What are towing services?

Towing services can be anything from a simple tow due to a breakdown to cross-state towing for the relocation of a vehicle. Our company specialises in local towing and has a large fleet of trucks that can handle a variety of vehicle sizes and weights. We are proud to offer light-duty towing for consumer cars and trucks, medium-duty towing for work trucks or more substantial cube vans and our heavy-duty towing for 18-wheelers and buses. No matter what you drive, our team of drivers and fleet of trucks will be able to tow it where you need it!

The process:

Our towing process is very similar to our roadside assistance process but naturally will change when circumstances demand our team to adjust. We like to keep things simple, so here is our standard process if everything goes according to plan.

  1. The Call: When you first call into our dispatch team, you will be asked several questions, and yes, your answers are essential. Some of the main questions are going to be to find out your location, the type of vehicle and any other information that may help us dispatch the right kind of truck to your site. Once our dispatchers have all of that data they will work out the nearest truck and dispatch it to your location. Finally, they will provide you with a contact number and an estimated time of arrival for the truck.
  2. Once on the scene, our trucks will take the time to secure it and ensure that you and your vehicle are in a safe spot before starting any work. We have flatbeds and traditional tow trucks, so no matter the vehicle type, our drivers will begin to secure your car and get it prepared to be towed. We will then work out some of the paperwork and get started. Once the car is secured we will ask you to jump in the cab, and we will head off to the local mechanic, dealership or wherever you would like the vehicle to be dropped off.

We like to make things simple, and no matter, if we are dealing with an 18-wheeler or a Toyota Prius, our team of expert drivers, will ensure that your towing interaction is as peaceful and seamless as possible. Towing services are not always the best of times, but we strive to make things a little easier from dispatch to drop-off to at least make your day a little better.

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