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What to expect when you call for a jump start service

When it comes to dealing with roadside assistance services, one of our most popular over the last few years has been our jump start service. No one likes dealing with a dead battery, but when you are dealing with a dead battery in the middle of nowhere, it really does represent a unique issue. This is where our team of tow trucks come in, and we have been providing our area with jump start services for years, and yet some of our clients are still not sure what to expect when it comes to the service. Thus, in the third installment of our what to expect series, we are looking at the jump start service.

What is a jump start service?

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Jump starting, or battery jumping as it is known in some parts of the country is the act of jumping a dead or low battery so that the car can turn over and start. Generally, the battery needs to have some charge to be able to power the starter to ignite the engine. If the battery is too low, this is not possible. However, jump start systems like we have on our tow trucks make jumping smooth and seamless.

What to expect

  • The Call: When you make a call into our dispatch team for your jump start, you should expect to provide the following information: your location, the type of car, and of course any other information that may assist in our truck finding you and your vehicle. Our dispatchers are some of the best in the business, and once we confirm your data, we will dispatch one of our trucks to your location and provide you with an estimate of when the truck will arrive.
  • The Process: Once we arrive on-site, we ask that you listen to our drivers asks, and provide them with the assistance as needed. Our driver will get to work, and connect your batter to our battery pack to get charging. Unlike traditional jump starting, our battery packs will be able to give your battery the charge it needs in a fraction of the time, and get you up and running in no time. Once we get you started back up, we will fill in the paperwork and get you back on the road. It is that simple and is part of the reason that jump start services have quickly become one of our top roadside assistance services that we offer.

No matter if you are dealing with a dead battery on the side of the road, or in the parking lot of the local shopping center, our team is here for you. We have been providing jump start services since we had our first truck, and hopefully this what to expect article has eased your tension before giving us a call. Day or night, our trucks are here to provide you and your family the towing services that you need, and your car requires, simply put, we are like the postal service, but with better perks.

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