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What to expect when you call for a gas delivery

When it comes to roadside assistance services for our clients, it can sometimes be confusing on what to expect when you make a call to our team, and this series of articles is all about helping you through these tough times. Our first service in this series is gas delivery.

What is gas delivery

Gas delivery services are one of the more common services that we offer these days, and it is always a relief to our clients when we come around the bend with our external gas tanks at the ready. Gas delivery is pretty self-explanatory, but it is the delivery of gas to one of our clients via our truck. Generally, we offer two separate options for our clients. You can either have your tank filled up by our truck, or we can top you off to ensure that you can get to the next service station without running out once again. We offer all of our gas delivery services at the market rate and will ensure that you and your vehicle are taken care of throughout the process.

Orlando Roadside Assistance

The Process

Naturally, every call is going to be a little different, but for most of our gas delivery services call, this is what you should expect.

  1. The Call: Once you call into our hotline, you will touch base with one of our expert dispatchers who will get your location, information and any other pertinent information over the phone. They will then dispatch one of our trucks and provide an estimated time of arrival.
  2. The wait: While you are waiting for our truck to be dispatched to your location, you will need to stay safe. If it is possible, you will want to step out of your vehicle and stay behind a metal guardrail. If not, please ensure that your four-way flashers are on and that you stay by your phone to ensure that our tow truck driver can reach you in case they need to contact you.
  3. The service: The service is quite simple and pretty quick. We will utilise one of our external tanks on the truck to quickly pump gas into your tank. Once we either top it off or fill the tank, we will secure your vehicle and get you to start your vehicle. If it starts, you are off and on your way once we do the paperwork and you can get back on the road.

When it comes to roadside assistance, our team is one of the best in the business. Our gas delivery services are simple and streamlined, and no matter if you are dealing with running out of gas on the highway, or you just made it home and need some help getting to the local gas station, our team of tow trucks are here for you. Are you interested in utilising one of our roadside assistance services? Call our team and find out how our tow trucks can help deliver your gas when you need it next.

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