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What to do when in an emergency towing situation

Orlando Roadside AssistanceBeing stranded on the road is never a pleasant affair. It can create a lot of anxiety and stress for you. When you are driving and for whatever reason your car breaks down, the key to getting through is by calling for emergency help. Having a tow truck come to your rescue may be the only viable idea.

It is important to know specific tips that will allow you to deal effectively with any emergency towing situation you face.


Get off the road

The first thing you would want to do is to get your vehicle off the road entirely. This is done by putting the gear in a neutral position and pushing the vehicle to a  safe side. Next, use signs to alert other road users of the danger. It is extremely dangerous to be sitting on a busy road if you cant get your car to move. If you have another person by your side, it becomes easy as they can give you moral support as well as sharing ideas.


Look for a towing company

Finding a reputable towing provider is the next thing you ought to do. It is always advisable to have a saved contact of a reputable company you can reach, as this helps in cooling nerves and easing any anxieties. Breakdowns happen even at very odd hours so ensure the company you are calling can offer 24-hour service. Giving these professionals a quick call may be the key to getting yourself off danger.


Care for other motorists

It is important to take all precautionary measures and ensure safety for other motorists is adhered to. With signs, alert other motorists that you are in an emergency. Turn on your safety hazard lights as well. Your car should also be pushed in an at the edge of the road on a clear path where other motorists can see it, to ensure no further accidents occur.


Vehicle Care

You simply can’t hand over your precious car to any service provider. One negative experience you can have is having an emergency roadside provider mishandle your car. In many cases, roadside assistance providers have a professional workforce that can take good care of your vehicle in the most professional way, including towing it, without causing any damages, scratches, or dents. Check if the roadside provider offering you services covers for damages caused by negligence.


Check for proper licensing

Every state has local authority rules that require towing businesses to get various licenses for the work they do. These rules are meant to safeguard human life and precious assets. Many towing companies don’t follow all the rules set. Beware and check for proper licensing before opting for any roadside assistance service. When choosing a service, check for paperwork and commit to written agreements to ensure you don’t fall prey to unnecessary charges. Don’t forget to negotiate for services as doing so may help you knock some few dollars off your towing bills.

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