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What kind of tow trucks are out there?

No matter where you grew up, the cars and trucks of our youth were often some of our favorite toys. From Tonka to Hot Wheels, we all loved our trucks. Well, in the adult world, those same trucks are rolling around your area! Here are some of the most common tow trucks that you will see in and around the state.

Hook and Chain

The hook and chain tow truck is the traditional version of a tow truck but is not as common as they were only a few years ago. Otherwise called sling tow trucks the chain wraps around the axle or frame of the vehicle and then hoists the car up via the hook. These traditional tow vehicles can cause some serious scratches and dents and are not ideal for smaller vehicles. Although you will still see these trucks rolling around town, they are typically used to deal with vehicles without a front or back wheel, or that are completely wrecked.

Wheel Lift Tow Trucks

Wheel lift tow trucks are very similar to hook, and chain trucks but they use a metal yoke rather than the traditional chain. This metal yoke is hooked under the rear or front wheels and is used to secure the car or truck and haul the vehicle. The yoke is connected to a hydraulic hoist and lifts either the front or rear tires from the ground as it is towed. These tow trucks have generally replaced the hook and chain style trucks and are used in light-duty towing. Although they do have a weight maximum, these trucks are the true workhorses of the towing industry.

Heavy-Duty Tow Trucks

Typically set up as a larger wheel lift or flatbed tow truck, the heavy-duty variety is designed to haul semi-trucks and charter buses. These trucks are beasts and can handle long-haul and short-haul towing with ease. You will notice that these trucks are just like 18-wheelers and the haul our biggest trucks across the state.

Flatbed Tow Trucks

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Otherwise called rollback tow trucks, these open bed tow trucks allow cars to ride along in the back without the need for putting pressure on the axels. The bed is lowered and raised by hydraulics to create a ramp where the vehicle can either be driven on the flatbed or dragged in place by a winch. Once the vehicle is in place, those same hydraulics can be used to level the flatbed once again to allow the truck to be driven away. Flatbeds are the premier method to haul vehicles and are used across the state for the long-haul and short-haul towing.

From hook and chain to wheel lift, and heavy-duty and flatbed, the world of towing is one that is filled with great trucks and even better people. Our trucks are at the heart of our business, and we are proud to see our trucks around the state. What is your favorite tow truck to see on the streets? Comment below and start a conversation with your fellow truck lovers!

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