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What is the ideal towing service for you?

As a towing company, we have seen more than a few clients who are not exactly sure on the type of service that they need. It is a good question, and although you might think that your full loaded Hyundai Sante Fe, for instance, needs a heavy-duty tow, the fact of the matter is that your vehicle might only need a light tow. So, we thought it might be time to put pen to paper and let our clients know what the ideal towing service is for them!

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Light Duty Towing

Light duty towing is our traditional tow service and can be completed by almost any tow truck type in the industry. Generally, you will see flat decks and wheel lift, but there are still a couple of ball and chain trucks that are kicking around as well. Light duty towing refers to towing services for sedans, cars, hatchbacks, most SUVs and smaller trucks.

Long Story Short: Light Duty Towing is perfect for 95% of consumer vehicles, but if you have a question, give your local tow truck company a call to make sure.

Medium Duty Towing

Medium duty towing is designed to deal with those trucks and vans that are not too heavy, but are still filled with tools, gear and other accessories that you may need at a job site. This service is generally completed by flat decks or wheel lift, and most of these trucks are already designed as medium-duty lifters. This service is designed for small businesses, contractors and corporations who are operating work trucks or vans and need assistance in the field.

Long Story Short: Medium duty towing is perfect for those who operate work trucks or work vans.

Heavy Duty Towing

Heavy duty towing is a speciality service, and not all towing companies have trucks that can provide this service. So, you will either need to find and trust a reliable company that can provide this service or call around until you find a company that knows someone in your area. Heavy duty tow trucks are generally wheel lift, but there are a couple that still operates by ball and chain, and these trucks are true beasts. They are designed to handle charter buses, 18-wheelers and even bank trucks. With heavy duty towing, it is all about low and slow, and many of these companies specialise in fleet contacts and school district work. No matter if you need to get back to a yard, or to see a local heavy duty mechanic, heavy duty tow trucks can get you there.

Long Story Short: If you are a charter bus or an 18-wheeler heavy duty towing is for you!

Finding the right towing option is something that can be a challenge for some. This is why we put together this document, and if all else fails, we have a straightforward mantra to remember. If you bought your vehicle at a dealership, you are looking for light duty. If you work out of your truck with tools, you are looking for medium duty. If you are hauling people or things for a living, you are looking for heavy duty! Simple as that.

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