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Towing & Recovery tips for efficient towing

There has been several situations where car owners have to wait for long hours in the middle of a road to get their cars towed. However, sometimes, it may be quite hard to get towing help, depending on your location and circumstances surrounding your breakdown. Many good and reputable tow truck companies offer towing services to auto owners. However, for efficient and accident-free towing to happen, there are a couple of safety towing and recovery tips that must be observed. Let’s have a look into some of them.


Know your towing capacity

Before you can start hauling any amount of weight and loading to a trailer, you need to first understand the towing capacity of your vehicle. When you know the amount of load your vehicle can tow, it will help your ride to be secure and experience a safe towing. Make sure you refer to the owner’s manual of your motor vehicle as it gives you the specific information concerning the towing capacity.


Check your mirrors

If you have ever driven a truck, you have a good idea of the importance mirrors play in ensuring you have safe driving experience. Ensure your mirrors are in good working condition and have a clear view of the traffic behind you.


Check on the lights

It is important to ensure your lights are in good working condition. Drivers need to have a clear view of what’s ahead with the help of illumination, especially when driving at night. There are different lights in a vehicle, including headlights, fog lights, brake lights, indicator lights, hazards, etc, and all these must be in proper working condition.


Ensure proper weight distribution

When it comes to gross trailer weight, having excess tongue weight can cause a lot of problems on a trailer and the rear axis of a tow vehicle. The front of a trailer will be exerting a lot of pressure to bring the front of the towing vehicle off position. You need to take heed of proper weight distribution to ensure a smooth and safe ride.


Keep Calm

If it is your first time to tow a trailer, pick a location that is off traffic, such as a vacant parking lot. Use this space to execute towing maneuvers. Such practices will be very important before you can go fully on the road, where is high traffic and some irate drivers. Ensure that you observe all traffic rules and maintain a speed you can easily control.


Look ahead and keep wide

When driving a tow truck, go slow and try to avoid being in between to other wide vehicles. In case you are on a narrow, multi-lane urban road, always stay in the outside lane. In most cases, there will be a center median strip, which gives you some room on the left. Keep an eye for traffic light poles and any other potential obstructions.

Keep a greater distance between you and the vehicle ahead. When towing, ensure you use wide turns. Know the trailer will typically cut corners sharper than the tow vehicle. This means the sharper the turn, the more the trailer will cut the corner. Also, know that right turns are sharper than left ones, so be extra careful when making right turns.

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