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Tow Trucks = Big Bucks

               What did your last grocery shopping trip cost you? $100? Maybe $200? How about the last car you bought new? $20,000? Big numbers to think about if you have to spend them in a short period of time right? Well, now let’s look at what you spent on your family home. $175,000? Maybe $300k? Obviously those are large numbers to think about. But consider what it may cost a towing company owner to purchase a sufficient tow truck to get the business started. The starting price is high and can climb and climb fast. Climbing high enough to buy your $300k home 3 times.


The two lowest available class of tow truck can begin at a mild $60,000. About the cost of a large and well-equipped family SUV. Those are the smaller tow trucks such as the Ford-F550 or Dodge Ram 4500. The more common classes of tow trucks include the all- too-familiar “rollback” or “deck lid” style models. Your standard well equipped rollback style tow truck will begin around a scorching $80,000 and just one more class up can top out at a quarter of a million. But that’s not all. Those just cover the tow trucks you and I see everyday.


Orlando 24 hour emergency towingMany towing companies provide heavy duty and commercial towing services. Yes; that’s a whole other class of tow truck. These “heavy wreckers” can handle things such as school buses or commercial moving trucks. With plenty of power and a truck load of features, the average starting price tag is a staggering $250,000 and can easily go up to over $500,000 depending on the features that are equipped. Then, there is the the biggest of the biggest. The trucks that 18 wheelers hitch a ride with when they h. The “rotator”, as it is called, is used to recover large commercial trucks and buses from accidents. They are equipped with a rotating crane, hence the name, that is used to reach over embankments and lift semi trailers. As you can imagine, the price tag for a rotator will make anyone take a breath. The low end? Just over $500k. If you decide you want the welterweight rotator, the barcode for a Class 8 rotator can be a cool $1,000,000. That’s one million dollars for a tow truck and that is just the truck. There’s more.


While the prices listed are just ballpark figures, most of them do not include the lettering for the company name and phone number or the safety equipment as required by law which differs with each state. Not every towing company sports the same color schemes either so if changing the color of the towing chassis is part of your order, that’s going to cost even more.


So the next time you call a tow truck, take a look at it while it loads up your disabled vehicle. The amount of steel and equipment sitting on those tires could easily cost more than the home you live in!

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