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Orlando Towing Service 1Tow trucks have been around almost as long as cars have existed. When your car breaks down and you end up stranded, towing service is key to fix your problem. 


At first, towing might look very simple. You just hook up the car to the truck and drag it away. But tow truck drivers have it harder than it looks. They face uncomfortable situations every day. 


Tow truck drivers often deal with bad weather, people who don’t take it well when their vehicle is towed and other stressful situations.


When it comes to the towing industry, the majority of people don’t know what it’s about. There are many things that one could learn about that would make a tow truck driver’s life much easier.


Here are some things tow truck drivers would like everyone to know:




Orlando Towing and Recovery ContactsThis means they should be given the right of way on the road by other drivers. When driving on the road, most people don’t treat tow trucks as emergency vehicles like they do with police cars, fire trucks and ambulances. 


Maybe a siren on the truck would help identify the type of vehicle it is. 


Still, people aren’t used to treating tow trucks as emergency vehicles.




It sounds like an easy task but believe it or not, many people fail to send their exact location. 

Tow truck drivers need to know exactly where you are to help you. 


That’s why it’s a real pain for them when the person doesn’t know where they are or does not specify if it’s the east, west, north or south part of the road.


 When calling a towing service company, try to be as specific as possible.




Towing a vehicle can be a very complicated process.Orlando Towing image


The towing company workers try their best to do their job. However, sometimes the vehicle being towed suffers some damage. Still, drivers and workers do not intend to harm your vehicle.


Plus, it’s very easy to slip when towing a car, and any minor mistake could cause some damage. 


For this reason, many companies have a strict policy of whoever breaks it, pays for it. This is a good incentive for the tow truck drivers to be more careful.




Like all jobs, towing services may have dishonest people working for them. Some drivers overcharge, take advantage or damage the customer’s car.


Nevertheless, these are only exceptions. Most drivers are honest, hard-working people who deserve respect for their work. Don’t judge all drivers based on one bad experience.


It is not a tow truck driver’s fault your car gets towed away. They are only doing as they are told.


If you had a different perspective about the towing industry, hopefully this information changed your mind about tow truck drivers. 


Please remember this article the next time you encounter a tow truck driver on the road. 

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