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Three Keys to staying safe when you need to call a tow truck

The safety and security of you and your passengers are always the focus for a quality towing company, and we often have been asked what can we do to help you when you are on your way? This might seem little nuts, but we appreciate the question because you can be a couple of hundred miles away from our home base. Thus, we have brought together the three keys to staying safe when you need to call a tow truck.

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Be prepared

Using the Scouts Motto of ‘Be Prepared’ means that you have packed your vehicle and carry with your supplies to last a couple of hours. Typically, it would help if you were carrying enough water for at least 48 hours, food supplies for 48 hours including energy bars, perishables and nuts, a flashlight, cones or flares, a blanket and something to occupy the time. You would be surprised at how many clients have told us that a deck of cards kept away the boredom when waiting for a long-distance call!

Pull Off the Road

If you are dealing with a breakdown or overheating, you need to get off the road! This means you should try and find an area of the road where it is fairly straight, not just after a corner, and that is easily seen by a tow truck or oncoming cars. Once you are stopped, you should take the time to make sure that your passengers are doing ok, and then check the car. Make sure that the coast is clear and do a quick 365-degree scan of the exterior of the car paying attention if you hear any weird noises or spot any liquids dripping out. Once done, head back to the car and wait.

On a highway, find a shoulder

If you are dealing with a breakdown or an accident on the highway, you need to look for somewhere safe to stop and get to the side of the road. Once you do find a spot to pull over, make sure to put on your hazard lights, and if you have them, set up cones or flares. This will allow oncoming vehicles to know to slow down and can keep you safe, especially during the evening. If you must exit the vehicle, make sure that traffic has slowed down and try and find a spot that is either further from the shoulder or behind guard rails. If you have broken down during the winter months, make sure to keep the doors and windows closed as they will be able to retain some heat during the wait.

Waiting for a tow truck can be a frustrating experience, but if you are prepared, you will be in a position to help alleviate the boredom and stay safe. Remember, it is all about decreasing liability and risk to you and your passengers, so follow the tow trucks instructions, and if you need to, exit the vehicle but only when safe. Being cautious and smart is the best way to approach this situation, and no matter if you are broken down on a rural road, or a busy highway, your tow truck is coming around the bend in no time.

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