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Preventative Maintenance that you need to do today

We have all heard that you need to do preventative maintenance, but how many of us do it? Well, it is about time that we started doing it! Here are some of the best preventive maintenance that you need to be doing today.

  • Read your manual

No, the vehicle manual is not just an expensive book, it is the bible of your car, and you should at least crack it a couple of times. The manual includes several important details such as regularly scheduled maintenance, but it also has a number of tidbits that will help prevent issues moving forward. Including things such as when you should change your oil when you need to look to change your filters, and even when a drive or timing belt needs to be replaced.

  • Do a quick inspection
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Every few months or so, you need to complete a quick visual inspection of your vehicle to ensure nothing looks out of the ordinary. During this inspection, you should also look to complete an air pressure check of the tires and a visual inspection of the tread. This will allow your car to be at peak condition and ensure that your car’s fuel mileage is maximised. Finally, turn on the engine and listen for any weird clicks or sounds and note any changes. It can be a simple check of a clicking sound that can save you thousands down the line.

  • Check your fluids

Fluids are what allows your vehicle to run, and learning how to check your fluids can save you hundreds, if not thousands on unnecessary costs down the line. Most of the fluids you will be able to check with a dipstick, such as the antifreeze, power steering, coolant and of course your window washing fluid. Check your owners manual to ensure that you are at the ideal levels and add more if you can! Remember, never ignore a leak, it can lead to significant issues down the line.

  • Check your oil and change it regularly

When it comes to your engine, oil is the blood of your vehicle. You should quickly learn how to check your oil with the dipstick and make sure to reference your owners manual to what the normal levels are. It will also help to learn the difference between clean oil and muddled oil, and if you are up to it, start the process to learn how to change your oil. There is no magic formula on when you need to change our your oil. Unsurprisingly, your manufacture provided you with the exact formula, and it is in your owners manual!

The key to preventative maintenance starts with reading your owners manual. It might seem a little crazy, but your owners manual will help to guide you on what needs to be done. Simply put, read your manual, complete a bi-monthly inspection, check your fluids and check your oil. It is not complicated, but preventative maintenance can help prevent issues with your car for years to come, and that is something we can all get behind.

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