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Imagine a World Without Tow Truck Services

Orlando Towing and Recovery AboutAs difficult as it may be to imagine this type of scenario, let us assess a world in which residential and commercial towing services did not exist. Would you have any clue as to how to push an automobile if the engine wouldn’t start, yet you have to move the car? The ones who are stubborn enough to say “No worries, I can push the car” have a challenging lesson coming to you. To begin with, it’ll take at least two folks to push an automobile. Therefore, if you discover yourself without a tow, either because you have ended up in this alien world we are imagining or, more than likely, you are on the side of a dark road with a dead phone battery, here is how to correctly push a vehicle.


It Takes Two People


I know, I know, men like to imagine things in terms of brute force, yet, guys, pushing an automobile alone just can’t be done alone. Certainly, you may scoot the car forward; however, to move an automobile a great distance you have to have two people.


One individual must sit inside the driver’s seat for braking and steering while the other, obviously, must push. The reason you still require a driver while pushing an automobile is that vehicles are less controllable with the engine off because of power-assisted braking and steering. Having somebody sit up front and control the car means you won’t damage anything or anyone.


Alert Other Motorists


Let us hope that someone might stop to help you; however, if they do not, you need to make them aware of your presence. Inside your roadside emergency kit you always should have prepared in your vehicle, make sure you have a high-visibility jacket similar to what construction workers use for nighttime emergencies. Plus, do not forget to turn the car’s hazard lights on to warn other motorists, as well.


Place The Vehicle In Neutral


Especially in an automatic car, putting the car in neutral prevents damage to the transmission, engine, and other parts of your vehicle. Be certain you have it changed out of park or drive before you attempt to move the vehicle. After that checklist, you are prepared to go. Pushing your vehicle by merely rolling the tires may be easiest depending on the vehicle, yet play around with your positioning and grip to figure out the best space to move your vehicle. Occasionally opening one of your vehicle doors permits you to gain a better angle on pushing the weight of your vehicle through the interior.


But why imagine a world without tow truck services when it doesn’t have to be that way! Tow truck companies are there to help you, so why break your back pushing a heavy car? Leave it to the professionals to handle this type of job! Especially in the dead of night, when a lot of breakdowns happen. Do it for your own safety and the safety of your passengers.

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