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Orlando Towing and Recovery AboutSometimes people tend to confuse a roadside assistance situation with a tow truck issue.

When accidents occur on the road, many without a doubt dial a towing truck company for help. 

However, the most common roadside problems are usually flat tires, running out of fuel and lockouts. Although the person calling is responsible for contacting a towing company instead of roadside assistance, some towing companies will fix these problems by towing the vehicle. Instead, they should simply provide roadside assistance services.

Offering roadside assistance doesn’t really require much more than what a tow truck could carry.

For towing companies, these are some things you should consider carrying along in your trucks to provide a complete road service. This way you won’t have to tow every vehicle for minor issues.


All vehicles should have a spare fuel tank and a large funnel. Towing trucks should carry extra fuel for two simple reasons:

1)  Many people call tow trucks when they run out of fuel. Consider providing them with enough fuel to get to the nearest gas station instead of towing the vehicle. 

2)  Even your own tow truck can run out of fuel in the middle of the job. An extra tank might save you.

AIR COMPRESSOROrlando Towing Tire Change 2

A busy towing company should invest in an air compressor. Compressed air makes tire changing much easier and safer. When someone calls because of a flat tire, you should also carry the tools to change them. Tire changing is much quicker than towing.

It’s recommended for these types of jobs to use a commercial air compressor since consumer-grade air compressors can overheat if pushed too hard. Industrial air compressors will save you time and money in the long run.


Don’t tow the vehicle to a repair shop if the problem is a dead battery. Sometimes all you need is a jump starter. A  jump starter is a portable device that comes in handy when your car battery needs a boost.

It operates similar to jumper cables only without the need of another vehicle. These devices must always be kept charged by the user to keep the power source alive. 

Carry a jump starter device inside your tow truck so you can save yourself the trouble of the towing process. Jumpstart the battery instead.


Getting locked out of your vehicle is one of the most common mistakes on the road. Many who don’t know about roadside assistance think the car must be taken to the repair shop to get unlocked. Instead, a simple kit of different Slim Jim tools will solve the problem.

It is recommended to have an auto entry kit since some cars can be more difficult than others to unlock. With these tools, you can fix a lockout problem much faster than towing.

With these 4 essentials on the road with you at all times, roadside issues will be taken care of much faster. You don’t have to tow every vehicle. Instead, you can fix problems directly.


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