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How to Pick the Right Towing Company for Your Needs

Orlando 24 hour emergency towingIf you have been involved in a car accident, or simply you got into a situation that required towing services, you know the hassle involved in finding a good towing company to help you get your car to garage or home. To locate a good towing company, it takes more than a simple Google search to get a towing company that will not put more troubles to your already existing ones.

From the experience we have gained after interacting with different towing companies, we can write some of the good pointers that reflect a good towing company, to help our readers make the right pick. Here is how to go about it;

Round the Clock Service

Any good towing company will certainly offer 24/7 service for its customers. Besides, you can never know when your car might break down. This is the reason to ensure the towing company provides fast and reliable services to its customers, at any given time of the day. Their towing trucks should operate round the clock.

Customer Reviews

A very important factor you need to take into consideration when choosing a towing company is to check their past customer reviews as well as testimonials.  Google and other search engines will come in handy in ensuring businesses have proper constituted and genuine reviews for their businesses. Genuine reviews play a key role in expressing previous experiences of customers who interacted with a towing company.


Insurance is very important in towing companies, as good insurance should cover both the company and the vehicle being towed. In case of any damages that emanate along the towing process, insurance cover provided by the towing company should be sufficient to have your needs met. Before choosing a towing company, ensure you find out what they cover in their packages. Additionally, inquire if the insurance cover is up to date.

Customer Service

Great customer services do not always come from expensive pricing packages. If you want to get the best towing experience and customer service for your needs, do some little research of the companies that pop up in your search engine results page. Make comparisons and keep a keen eye on the reviews provided by previous customers. Ensure you don’t get easily enticed with too good to be true information.


We would not complete this guide without talking about pricing. Towing companies should have a fixed price for their towing services and be transparent about any extra charges. You don’t want to subscribe to a service only to be awestruck by an enormous bill at the end of service. Ensure you have a clear mind and reach an agreement before the start of the towing practice, then sign a contract. In case of any extra services, they should be well-specified upfront to avoid disagreements at the end of a towing practice. A good towing company should also have a couple of discounts for its customers and possibly have a loyalty program.

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