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How to Have a Competitive Advantage in Your Towing Business

If your towing business is not flourishing or does not seem to distinguish itself from different competitors out there, you might be very frustrated. However, hope is not lost at all. There are a couple of things you can do, to get ahead of the competition, and that is seeking competitive advantage. Competitive advantage is simply the process of gaining an edge over competitors by offering superior value, even if it means lowering cost or offering products of very high quality.

Keeping up with the latest marketing trends and not being left out by your competitors is a very important aspect any business should aim at achieving. If your competitors are going mobile and getting their customers online, through websites and social media, then you have no other option than to do the same.

Competitive advantage may differ greatly from one towing company to the next. It is simply what differentiates you from everybody else and why people choose you and your products over your competitors. Gaining a competitive advantage is not easy and guaranteed as many people think. However, here are a few things to go by, if you need to gain competitive advantage.

Cost Leadership

As far as cost leadership is concerned, the objective here is to become the lowest-cost producer in the towing industry. This can be achieved mostly through economies of scale. If a towing company is able to utilize economies of scale, may be through the products or services it offers, then it sets itself up to establishing a competitive advantage over its peers. A company adopting a cost leadership strategy has a better chance to reap huge benefits due to the significantly better pricing it has over its competitors.


A towing company can aim at providing differentiated products that are better than what its competitors are offering. This can occur when such a business aims at providing high-quality products or services to their customers that are quite good and innovating. In terms of towing services, a company can aim at providing better customer services in a quick and efficient manner.

Focus Strategy

As far as focus strategy is concerned, a towing company can aim at narrowing its focus on a specific market, and establishing its dominance in such market. This strategy can be very useful especially if customers have different needs that need to be catered for. The focus strategy also employs two main aspects which are; the cost focus- dealing with charging the lowest in your area of operation and the differentiation focus that aims at offering superior or differentiated products and services in your area.

Any business that want to stand out in a crowded market must be able to have a competitive advantage that gives it an edge over the competition. A competitive advantage simply distinguishes a company over its competitors. It helps determine pricing of products and services, brings in more customers and works towards establishing customer loyalty. Establishing a competitive advantage is one of the sole things company must aim to achieve, if it has to stand out above the rest.

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