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Orlando Towing Tire Change 2If you drive around a lot, especially long distances, it’s likely you’ve had a flat tire. If not, surely it will happen in the future.

Flat tires are easy to change once you get the hang of it. Until then, it might be better to let roadside assistance do the job.

Roadside assistance is a coverage add on for your insurance plan. It provides you with help on the road whenever you need it.

Imagine you have a flat tire and don’t know how to change it, or you simply forgot the tools. Don’t hesitate and call roadside assistance. They can change it in no time.


Fixing a flat tire is a step by step process.  When a professional member of the roadside assistance staff arrives, these are the steps taken to fix the flat:

1)  Look around for a flat and firm place to change the tire. This prevents the car from rolling away. Also, stay away from traffic. The mechanic will ask you to park the car with the parking brake engaged. Then, a heavy object (e.g. large rock) will be placed firmly next to the tire opposite to the one that needs to be changed. 

2)  Roadside assistance help comes equipped with a spare tire and a jack to support the car while the tire is being changed. A jack is a device designed to lift heavy weights. Once the jack is placed correctly, the mechanic will begin to remove the hubcap and unscrew the nuts so that the tire can come off easier.

3)  After this is done, the mechanic will begin to pump the jack but not all the way, just enough to remove the flat tire and replace it with a new one.

4)  Now that the jack is cranked up, the mechanic will completely remove all the nuts.

5)  The tire is then removed from the car. Some tires are harder to take off than others depending on the amount of rust in the area.

6)  Next, the spare tire will be placed on the hub. Check that this is done carefully and that the wheel is aligned with the wheel bolts.

7)  The nuts then get screwed onto the new tire by hand. Then the mechanic lowers the car but not completely, and then finishes to tighten the nuts.

8)  Finally, the car will be lowered completely and the jack removed and put away with the flat tire.

These are eight simple steps that anyone can learn with some practice. Still, it’s never wrong to trust a trained professional to take care of it.

Now that you know the steps to change a tire, you can practice the skill. Plus, you know how to supervise someone when they change a flat for you.


Roadside assistance can also help you with problems like running out of fuel, towing or even if you get locked out of your own vehicle.  

You can always speak to your insurance company and ask them how much it would cost to have a yearly roadside assistance coverage plan.

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