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Five things you should expect from a great tow truck company

Not all tow truck companies are created equal, and when it comes to finding out if you are dealing with a quality tow truck team, there are some key things you can look for in a potential towing company. In this article, we are going to look at the five things that you should expect for a great tow truck company.

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24/7 Callouts

There is no convenient time to break down, but when it comes to finding a quality towing company when you do break down is essential. This is why a quality towing company will be able to assist their clients no matter the time of the day. Most companies offer 24/7 service within 50 or 100 miles, and if you are unable to get a hold of a certain company, it might be time to find a new tow service for your vehicle!

Wide Service Area

Quality towing companies will always have a wide service area. The reason for this is that companies that are successful and have repeat clients will start to spread out from their home base. This allows companies that are successful to not only cast a wider net for call-outs but will allow them to partner with local towing companies to create a network of towing companies that can cover you across the state. Generally, if a company can dispatch to a call between 50-100 miles away from their home base, they are quality.


The towing industry has strict standards to operate and code of contact in our state, and no matter if you are dealing with a specific tow service or roadside assistance, a tow truck operator and company should be able to showcase some qualification. There are state, and national bodies that practice best practices and codes of conduct across the industry and membership in those bodies showcase that a company is a quality company in terms of providing towing services.


Pricing is one of the easiest ways to tell the jokers from the quality shops in terms of towing. A quality towing company will provide you with upfront pricing without any hidden fees or random surcharges. As well, you pay for what you get, and if a company comes in under the rest of the area towers, you are probably dealing with a dishonest tower so watch ours for those hidden fees!

Roadside Support

Towing companies that also offer a variety of services including, but not limited to, roadside assistance, fuel deliveries and tire change services are generally a better company to deal with in terms of towing services. The reason for this is that top-quality towing companies cannot only tow but assist clients on the side of the road during a call-out and spending the time to gain the expertise as a driver shows a level of care that is not seen in dishonest companies. We have touched on a couple of different things that you can look for in an excellent tow company. Do you have any suggestions? Comment below and start a conversation!

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