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Effective Ways to Keep Your Car in Top Condition

If you want to get the best out of your car, then you have to do all it takes in terms of adhering to all care standards. Just like we do take care of ourselves by eating right and staying in shape, same is required when it comes to cars. It is always painful to have your car break down and need towing services to be back on the road. To keep your car in best working position, here are a couple of things you have to get right.

Oil change

Checking and changing oil in your car is the first step you have to adhere to if you want your car to keep running better. A regular check and change of oil will help the engine to operate according to the recommended standards. You also need to change the oil filter as doing so ensures proper operation of the engine. If you do not check the oil regularly, it may compromise the health of the engine.

Change coolant

All vehicle’s cooling system needs to have a flash at least once every year. New coolants should be installed in the vehicle after every flushing. The best mixture to keep your car’s cooling system in the best condition is to have a fifty percent coolant and fifty percent water. This is the ideal mixture to help prevent buildup of deposits that occur due to corrosion.

Change transmission oils

It is very important to change the transmission oil every once in a while. Doing so ensures that you take proper care on the health of your car. You should also pay a keen attention on the ideal transmission oil your car needs as this differs from one car to the next.

Keeping car clean

Keeping your car clean is very important factor contributing to its overall health. Cleaning a car is particularly important in preventing buildup of debris or rust. When performing a car cleaning task, it is very important not only to clean the outside of the car, but equally to look at the inside as well as underneath.  The underneath part of a car is normally exposed to a lot of dirt and debris and should never be ignored.

You also need to keep everything lubricated, especially the moving parts, as they are exposed to different levels of harsh conditions.  When you are parking your car, ensure that it is parked in a shade to reduce the risks of exposure to sunlight.

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