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Common Towing Mistakes to Avoid

When you are towing a car, boat or any auto, a minor mistake can quickly become a major accident. Just because your vehicle has enough power to pull a trailer doesn’t mean that it is always safe to practice towing without following the recommended safety practices. There are a few towing mistakes that people make when towing vehicles. To save yourself money and other resources, you should consider practicing safe towing by following these tips.

Braking System

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The braking system plays a very important role when it comes to towing. When your vehicle is subjected to intensive braking, it may encounter smoke that can easily turn to flames. When towing a car, ensure the braking system is in the right place and working as this will be a key factor towards towing safety. You need to pay key attention to towing brakes as in most cases they are overlooked and neglected.


Just like any other truck, the trailer you are towing needs routine maintenance. The axle’s needs to be greased, as well as the tongue jack, bearings, landing jack and all pivot points. Performing all these types of safety and maintenance practices will help in maintaining the safety and increasing the life of your trailer.

Weight Distribution

Proper weight distribution is a very important factor when it comes to towing. The first thing you need are weight distribution bars. These bars come in different strengths for different towing weights. When towing for bars, don’t always think bigger is better. The most important thing is to have load bars parallel to the frame if the trailer.

Another key problem that people face when towing is running without insurance coverage. Generally, towing owner have this problem because they want to make some few bucks. You need to ensure that your towing truck is properly licensed and insured.

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