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Common reasons why vehicles are towed

sanford towingIt is a common occurrence that cars break down. This is not being overly negative or in any manner pessimistic, but it can happen for a couple of reasons. Some of these reasons may have nothing to do with a driver’s negligence, as they are unprecedented and accidental. Perhaps you have kept your vehicle well serviced and in good condition, and out of nowhere, it breaks down. If such happens, you will have very limited options other than to call a tow truck service provides.


Here are the common reasons why vehicles are towed.

Parking in a private property

If a car is parked on a private or residential property, it can be towed off the premises of the property owner at any time, if proper signage is posted. There are a couple of requirements for the sign, including that it’s near the entrance of the lot and in a visible area. If a car has been parked in a private area that does not have a sign, it can be towed if it has been parked for  24 hours or more.

In case of an accident

If you have been involved in a car accident, your safety bet is to call a tow truck to get your car to an auto shop, depending on the level of damage involved. Even if the vehicle tends to be drivable after an accident, driving it without a professional look by an expert may lead to further damage. Most collisions result in damage to the vehicle’s undercarriage.

If a vehicle won’t start

Most people have experienced the shock and stress of walking out to a vehicle to go to work, only to find that it will not start. There are different reasons why a vehicle won’t start, be it as a result of dead battery to even more severe issues. If you contact a towing driver, they will most likely check the battery and transmission fluids and do everything possible to get your vehicle back to the road. If none of these methods work, then it will need to be towed.

If the engine overheats

Even when you are taking excellent care of your vehicle in terms of maintenance, things – out of your control, may happen. A car may overheat while you’re driving. If that happens, then only sure bet you have to be safe is to call the help of a tow truck company. Such circumstances may be very unpleasant as you may become overwhelmed and stressed. Before going into stress and panic, contact a towing company so that they can offer you the best solution.


When you run out of gasoline

Running out of gasoline may be embarrassing and stressful, but it happens. If you are on the side of a freeway and nowhere close to any gas station, your best option for safety would be to call a tow truck company to come to your rescue. It is advisable to inform your towing provider you have run out of gas, as in that case, they will bring you gasoline for a small charge.

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