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Basic Vehicle Troubleshooting

As a tow company, we love assisting our clients, but sometimes some basic vehicle troubleshooting can help our clients get back on the road without the need for a full tow. Here are some of our favorite tricks of the trade that could help you the next time you are dealing with an issue!

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Tire Issues

When it comes to tire issues, it is often one of two things tire pressure or balance issues.

Tire pressure is more than just a warning light on your dashboard; it is an important part of your cars mechanics and check-up that you should be doing at least once a month. Checking tire pressure itself is quite easy, and the recommended tire pressure for your vehicle can be found in your manual or on the tire themselves.

Tire balance is important as well, as, without balance, your vehicle will be a little off-kilter. Over time this can lead to blowouts, flats and an assortment of suspension and axle issues.

To troubleshoot, do a quick inspection of your tires every time you gas up, or before you head out on a road trip. Check the tire pressure, inspect the tires for uneven wear, and if you spot any issues, get them looked over by a professional.

Engine Issues

Typically, our team has seen two types of engine issues, leaking fluids and smoking engines.

Leaking fluids is a cause for concern, but generally, it is something that you want to keep an eye out for, especially in extreme temperatures. Fluids are what keep your car working, and whether it is a transmission oil leak, a fuel leak or something else, you need to start thinking about your next move. If you notice a massive leak, you need to call a tow truck, as running an engine on low fluids can cause irreversible damage.

Smoking engines, on the other hand, are a scary situation for most drivers, and the best thing to do is always to pull over. This overheating can be from a lack of fluid or simply poor maintenance, and if you are experiencing a smoking engine that will not stop, it is time to call a tow.

To troubleshoot engine issues, you have two choices. You can be a gear head and enjoy working under the hood and performing your maintenance or allow a dealership or a trusted mechanic to handle the routine maintenance of your car as per your manual. This routine maintenance is not a suggestion and should be followed as much as possible, even on older models.

Battery Issues

Dealing with a dying battery is never fun and having to jump it every time you stop is just ridiculous. The easy troubleshooting to deal with a dying battery is to replace it with an over-the-shelf solution simply. It will cost you a couple of bucks, but it will provide years of service. However, if you need a jump, a tow truck can get you up and on the road in no time and save you from asking a stranger for help. 

From batteries to engines, proper maintenance, and knowing how to troubleshoot can ensure that your car will be happy and healthy for years to come.

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