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All you need to know about roadside insurance

Orlando Roadside AssistanceRoadside assistance insurance is a type of coverage that helps drivers when their vehicles break down. It is a common option on almost every auto insurance policy. Your car insurance provider normally comes into a partnership with a reliable network of companies that offer roadside assistance services or contracts a team to contact and arrange service on behalf of their customers. The service provider sends a qualified mechanic to the location of a stranded motorist with assistance to the magnitude of the circumstance.


What is included in roadside assistance?

There is a seemingly infinite list of things that can go wrong with a car, which makes it noble to be added to any insurance policy. However, common roadside assistance covers include the following services;

Towing service

Towing service is offered to motorists when the roadside assistance fails to make the vehicles drivable again. Depending on your towing provider, they will tow your car to a mechanic for a limited number of miles. In the event you want your car towed beyond their limit, you will be charged extra.

Battery jump start service

This service attempts to start a vehicle by jump-starting the battery unless your manufacturer gives a different advice. There are exceptions to those who use electric vehicles as they are advised to refer to the owner’s manual. Hybrid vehicles use a battery that powers the electric motors to turn over the gasoline engine.


Flat tires

When you suffer a flat tire, a service professional will report to your location and replace the flat tire with a spare inside your vehicle.


Locksmith service

Locksmith services are offered when a driver cannot gain entry to their vehicles. This is done with the use of a jump start wedge or a long reach tool that unlocks the door. Another service that is often offered in roadside assistance is extrication or winching service


Fuel delivery service

Fuel delivery is provided to drivers who run out of gas while driving. A service professional comes to your location with sufficient fuel to get your vehicle to the next gas station. Some roadside assistance services will charge for the fuel. Those who do not charge normally make use of the area’s pump price to determine the fee for the stranded motorists.


Is it worth it to get roadside assistance insurance?

Emergency roadside assistance is an add-on coverage that comes to the rescue of vehicles that break down. It comes in handy when your car battery needs a jump start, when you have a flat tire, when you run out of gas, among others. Most companies have phone operators on standby to dispatch help you a motorist’s location as soon as possible.

The coverage for roadside assistance is fairly inexpensive, especially when compared to the cost of towing your car to a mechanic. Breaking down on a busy highway can be dangerous, and having a reliable roadside assistance cover can help clear a lot of headache on your way. Because these types of insurance cost a few dollars and can be extremely important to get you out of danger, you should consider having such insurance.

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