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Additional Services That Dependable Towing Companies Should Provide

Orlando Towing imageTraveling on road for long trips or business vacations needs to be properly planned out for all kinds of emergencies that come your way. If you have a reliable towing or roadside assistance service provider on your contact list, you will have peace of mind once you hit the roads. You might be wondering what else does tow companies offer besides basic tow.

Once on the road alone, the unavailability of an auto mechanic would turn a minor repair into a nightmare. This is where roadside assistance comes in, to get you immediate help. Let’s have a look at additional services that any dependable towing company should provide to its customers.


Towing Car Accidents

Accidents can happen anytime, anywhere because they are never planned. It can be difficult to get help while on lonely roads. If such happens, you need to call a towing company to help you out. The best would be to seek a company that offers 24-hour towing services so that you are assured to get help even at midnight.


Roadside Assistance

A lot of things can go wrong on the road. Any machine is never 100 percent efficient and vehicles are machines. Composed of mechanical and electrical parts, these parts may strike any time. Any reliable towing company offers roadside assistance to motorists in their hour of need.


Roadside assistance services offered by reliable towing companies differ.

We have emergency fuel delivery. In most cases, people do check their fuel before traveling. However, it happens sometimes that we forget to check fuel levels, especially when rushing for a business meeting, or when having a bad day. Roadside assistance will deliver fuel to your location in case you run out of gas.

Another common roadside assistance is a battery jump start service. A car battery is boosted when it runs out of power to the extend of causing inconveniences. Battery boosting is also part of the roadside assistance package, which you will find as an additional service from reliable towing companies.

Another service is tire change. Not all of us are comfortable and confident about changing a car tire when you suffer a flat tire on the road. You might suffer this inconvenience at a time when you don’t have a spare by your side, or when you are in the middle of a very busy highway.

Another common service offered by reliable roadside assistance companies is locksmith service. You might lock your car keys by mistake, or your electrical system may malfunction forcing your car to get locked. Instead of damaging the window and other parts of your car, call a towing company to bring professionals to unlock your car.


Technical Assistance

Reliable towing and roadside assistance companies offer technical assistance and advice to their customers. The type of assistance offers may come in different ways.  It may be telephonic assistance regarding safety measures and pertinent information. It may be sending emails about auto deals that their customers should never afford to miss. It may be tips on how to keep their autos in the best condition.

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