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A new Rotator is on the market

With the Fall season in full swing and the leaves starting to change, we thought it would be time to take a look at some of the latest equipment that is currently shaking up the towing industry. One of the industry leaders in heavy tow trucks has just unveiled one of the biggest rotator trucks on the market, and we are a little excited.

The Miller Industries Towing Equipment Co. Century M100 is one of the most extensive towing options in the industry. This 100-ton rolling rotator can do some amazing things. First of all, this is one of the first trucks that cannot only lift 200,000 lb on paper, but it can be done in the field. Miller Industries Towing Equipment Co. showcased the Century M100’s lifting power during the unveiling. The vehicle completed a 200,000 lb lift and has been tested and engineered to the highest SAE standards.

The vehicle itself took the company well over 10,000 hours of engineering and was kept under wraps at the companies Chattanooga, Tennessee factory. After its unveiling, the company also let towing professional take alike at the state of the art roller system that allows the turret to travel while the boom is under the load. This allows the turret to roll forward and back to help give operators the greatest flexibility during recovery services.

Naturally, there are always some specifics, and the gearheads in our community love to learn about the nitty and gritty. The M100 has a recovery boom that can extend up to 48.5 feet of reach, and a maximum 25 feet of outrigger stance to remain stable at the 53.4 maximum elevated hook height of the boom truck. When the boom is fully extended the working area of the M100 is genuinely fantastic, it offers a full 8,300 square feet of the recovery area. Finally, like most rotator trucks, the M100 also gives operators a full 360 degrees of rotation for the boom and provides flexibility and manoeuvrability that is seldom seen in older style trucks.

However, the M100 is not just a boom and a truck; it is a fully functional recovery vehicle that can be a workhorse in the industry. The truck comes pre-installed with two primary recovery winches with over 65,000 lb capacity. As well, the truck comes with another set of duel turret auxiliary winches with 30,000 lb tow capacity. Plus, the company is providing an additional option for an extra set of 30,000 lb winches to be added to the underside of the unit for a total of six winches on the vehicle. Now that is a whole lot of power from one vehicle. No matter if you are a customer or an operator, the next generation of towing recovery vehicles are genuinely going to be the workhorses of our community. The M100, although very expensive and not realistic for many smaller tow truck companies, offers a heavy-duty recovery vehicle that will be able to last a company and its community for years to come.

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