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9 Tips for Finding a Towing Service

The vast majority of people usually do not see the importance of quality towing service until they experience a car accident, or when the vehicle has simply broken down. Car break down can happen anytime, and you cannot predict it, but on the other hand, you can prepare for the unexpected circumstances with the reliable towing service. There are many excellent towing services out there, but how to choose the best one? Let’s take a closer insight into the useful tips for finding a towing service that will help you to choose the best one.


  1. Ask for referrals from family and friends

If you know someone who also has a car, you can ask for referrals for the quality towing service. Most car owners sincerely believe in a particular towing service only if they are willing to recommend it to others.


  1. Inquire about response times

One thing is for sure – you do not want to experience when you are stuck to wait for hours for service response. Therefore, always look for a company that responds quickly to your emergency call. Choose the towing service that sends out a truck withing 30-45 min to your location.


  1. Service that works 24-hoursOrlando Towing image

It is impossible to predict when our car will shut off while driving. Car issues are not limited to the specific period of the day, so you are going to need 24-hours open towing service.


  1. Avoid service that charge you hidden fees

Although there is no wrong or right price, one thing is for sure – you don’t want to feel cheated with hidden fees that will eat up your budget.


  1. Pick a towing service depending on your vehicle

These companies are not dealing only with trucks and cars, so if you drive an RV, motorcycle, or 18-wheeler, you need to make sure that your company poses the adequate equipment to safely transport your car.


  1. Check out customer reviews online

In the case that you don’t have family or friends to ask for referrals – use the Internet. Most established towing services own websites with reviews from their past customers. Carefully read customer reviews to get familiar with the company’s services.


  1. Ask important questions about towing equipment

Not all towing services use identical towing equipment. It is essential that you opt for a company that has top-grade towing equipment in good shape.


  1. Ask about company drivers

Inappropriate towing can damage your vehicle. There are several reasons for this, including an inexperienced tow truck driver or outdated equipment – all towing vehicles must pass annual inspections.


  1. Compare costs

Avoid companies that don’t give you a breakdown of costs. If you are told that a price will depend on a case-by-case basis, or if the scene determines the pricing, that is a red flag.

Final words

Once you have gathered all the necessary information about several companies, compare their pros and cons. Remember that price should not be the deciding factor when choosing.

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